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Without the effort of our coaches and support of our parents, youth soccer would not be possible. Your support and effort is appreciated.

Please consider volunteering with SSA, volunteer opportunities are listed on the 'How Can I Help' page.


Coaching Requirements

Prior to the season, all coaches must submit a Risk Management Background Check and concussion training through Coaches will be e-mailed with instuctions to complete the process. Please contact us with any questions.

During the season, coaches must facilitate one practice (with the exception of U-4), attend and participate in games, regularly communicate with parents and adhere to the Coach Code of Conduct. Violations of the Code of Conduct will not be tolerated. 

At the end of the season, coaches (head coach only) are responsible for returning SSA equipment (cones, soccer balls, and bags) to the organization and completing an end of the year player evaluation. 

Once all coaching criteria from the season have been met, coaches will receive a reimbursement check from SSA according to the following guidelines:


  • Parent Head Coach - $50.00
  • Parent Assistant Coach - $25.00
  • Non-parent Head Coach - $150.00
  • Non-parent Assistant Coach - $75.00


2018 Non-Parent Coaching Guidelines:


1.       Head coaches 18 years or younger for the first time coaching shall have an adult team manager to assist the normal operations of the team if the team has no adult assistant coach.

2.       For returning head coaches 18 years or younger, it is recommended to have an adult team manager if there is no adult assistant coach for the team.

3.       If the team with a head coach 18 years or younger has an adult assistant coach, that assistant coach should also act as the team manager with the responsibilities as described below.  


The team manager assisting a young head coach should have the following responsibilities:

1.       Make sure the roster and names are accurate;

2.       Work with coaches and parents to establish a practice schedule;

3.       Communicate with coaches to decide if a practice should be canceled in the event of a inclement weather or coach unavailability;

4.       Create a treat/snack schedule if the team desires to have one;

5.       Act as a liaison between the coach and the parents, resolving behavior issues relating to the coach, parents and players;

6.       The team manager may help the coach during a practice but it is recommended that the team manager does not instruct the coach how to coach;

7.       Most importantly, we want to help and foster young coaches to mature, to be comfortable and to grow so the soccer community can benefit for the years to come.




2018 Game Information for Coaches


Click here for the 2018 Game Guidelines for all divisions: 2018 Game Guidelines

Click here for valuable SSA coaching information: Key Coaching Points 

 Rec Soccer Skills Competencies

Click here for safety tips:

Click here for coaches training information: 2018 Coaches Training Tips



2018 Kaufman Field Availability for Practice:

Revised Kaufman Field Usage

NMU Field Usage

SSA Travel Field Usage


2018 Division Statisticians: Division Statisticians



Looking for ideas for practice?

Here are a few external links that provide you with great ideas, drills and games. You can also browse the web and youtube for more information and examples.




PLEASE NOTE: No shoes with toes cleats will be permitted. This type of cleat is often found on baseball and football cleats. This is for the safety of our players. Players found with these types of cleats WILL NOT be permitted to play. Equipment inspections are conducted at the beginning of each game by the game's referee.