Training Modules

Coaching/Team Manager Requirements

Prior to the season, all Team Managers and Coaches must submit a Risk Management Background Check and concussion training through Coaches and Team Managers will be e-mailed with instructions to complete the process. Complete one 1.5 hour indoor training session, one 1 hour outdoor training session, and attend coaches Rally Day. Please contact us with any questions.

During the season, Team Managers must (with the exception of U-5 & U-7) attend and participate in games, regularly communicate with parents and adhere to the Coach Code of Conduct. Violations of the Code of Conduct will not be tolerated.

Once all coaching criteria from the season have been met, Team Managers will receive a reimbursement check from SSA according to the following guidelines:

Reimbursement Scale:
  • Team Manager – Total Registration fee for player being coached
  • Non-Parent Team Manager – $200 stipend for the season