2022 Referee Certification Information

New referees must be 13 years old at the time of registration   Step 1) U.S. Soccer Learning Center
  1. a) To start the learning process, access the U.S. Soccer Learning Center website and “Sign Up” to create a Referee profile at the following link:
    • Make sure a unique email is used for each referee.
    • Sign up using the referee’s name & DOB. (not the parent or guardian)
    • A secondary email (e.g., parent, other) field is available as well.
  1. b) Once your profile is complete, log in to your U.S. Soccer Learning Center account to complete the free Michigan - Online Grassroots course.
    • The course is a ~ 4.5-hour e-learning experience that prepares candidates for their assigned tasks and responsibilities as a Grassroots referee. You must register for the course using the following link:
    • Most classroom issues can be resolved by periodically clearing your cache/cookies and restarting your browser.
  1. c) If you are 18 years of age or older you will also need to complete the SafeSport Training course, also located at the U.S. Soccer Learning center, found at the following link:
  1. d) After completing your required course(s), please click on your login name on the U.S. Soccer Learning Center and select “Profile” (found when you click on your name in the top RH page of your browser).
    • Download the certificates for the courses you have completed and return here to upload.
      • U.S. Soccer Grassroots Referee – Online module completion certificate
      • SafeSport trained certificate
  Step 2) Michigan Game Officials
  1. a) To complete the registration process, you must create an account on the Michigan Game Officials platform and register for a course with one of Michigan’s Referee Mentors.
  1. b) Click on the course number for the course that fits your schedule, (Date and time to attend).
    • To register for the selected course, follow the instructions.
  1. c) Create a USSF registration account.
    • Follow the instructions using a unique username and password for each referee.
    • Please use the referee email (preferably the same email used to create the U.S. Soccer Learning Center account).
    • A secondary email is available for parents, guardian, other.
  1. 1.d) Enter the override code NEW22, and complete the $ 67.50 course registration fee.
    • Access and complete the online modules using the “Load Session Tracker” button prior to step e).
  1. e) Due to the current world situation, we have no in-person courses. Shortly before your scheduled virtual course, a Zoom link and password will be emailed to you that will enable participation in a 90-minute session. Your Referee badge will be mailed to you after successfully completing all of the steps above.
  Do not forget to register with the state of Michigan Register here:  Similar to last year, SSA referees that satisfactorily complete the season will be reimbursed the entire $67.50 course fee. As a reminder, referees will be reimbursed based on the following: -Referee at least 5 games throughout the SSA Recreation season (each referee will be guaranteed at least 5 games and depending on number or referees and an individual’s schedule limitations, we anticipate at least 10 games assigned to each) -If a referee has one unexcused absence, 1/2 of the certification cost will be forfeited -If a referee has a second unexcused absence, the entire certification cost will be forfeited (As a reminder, an unexcused absence is essentially a “no show” where the referee has not made a concerted effort to find a replacement for a game they are assigned for and cannot attend due to scheduling conflict. Medical and family emergencies would be considered excused.) -The first 25 referees to sign up will be eligible for reimbursement (note that other referees not associated with SSA recreation league will be in the certification course, so the number of referees signed up for the course is not indicative of the 25 limit. Please feel free to contact Jon Sandoval if you plan to sign up and have questions regarding number of referees signed up for SSA Recreation) -Cost of training will be reimbursed with the final paycheck if all requirements are met Below are the pay scales for the 2021 season. Generally, we assign more experienced referees to the older divisions and new referees to the younger divisions. We do our best to assign referees to games as fairly as possible, but there are logistical and other considerations that may affect scheduling. In the past, if a referee is eager and available, there are usually a number of opportunities to sub in for games that other referees cannot make in addition to the scheduled games assigned at the beginning of the season. Referee pay scale: Field Supervisors-$15/hour U9-$15/game U11-U13-$20/game U15-U19-$20/game   Additional $3 bonus for substitution     Jon Sandoval, Director of Referees:     Risk Management: Anyone 18 and older must possess a current risk management card or they won’t receive there patch and USSF card (bring it with them) . For new referees and renewal risk management numbers go to the same site and click Risk Management on the menu and follow the instructions. For contacts put your name first and then mine. REFEREES All SSA referees are certified by the US Soccer Federation. It is the responsibility of the referee to enforce the Laws of the Game and all decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with play are final. Harassing the referee is not acceptable! Harassment is defined as any derogatory remark or gesture (which by their nature embarrass or humiliate), or obscenities/profanity directed at referees or players (or the grass!), and/or any threatening remarks or gestures intended to intimidate the referee or players. Technically, the coach does not have the right to question the referee about any call. A coach may ask for clarification of a call by politely asking the ref what the infraction was. (Example: Excuse me sir, what was that last call, I missed it?) The referee is not obligated to respond. Harassing the referee by a coach/spectator will result in the following consequences:
  1. Warning the offending party (yellow card)*
  2. After the warning, if the problem continues the party may receive a red card and be asked to leave the field.
  3. If the offender refuses to leave, the referee MUST suspend the play until compliance is achieved.
  4. All else failing – the referee will terminate the match. This may result in the forfeiture of the game, or replaying the game without spectators if necessary.
*In case of a serious violation, the referee may choose to send off without warning. A yellow card should always be taken seriously. It is not just a warning – it is one-half of a red card!